Cowboys... Man, I love them!

Well, what can I say about cowboys except... Man, I want my own cowboy!

"Tall, broad shoulders and chest, muscles bulging out from under his red, rolled up sleeves, brown hair, dancing brown eyes and those darn dimples... six-foot-four-inches of Texas testosterone. The equivalent of saturated fat. Tasted good but wasn't good for you."
- Her Unbridled Cowboy - Donna Michaels

Kerri Masters is totally right with her thoughts about that wild cowboy she had known all her life. And when it comes to her life there is nothing much left: her restaurant was destroyed, her marriage more lie than truth and her hopes all down. Only her parents are ready to catch her, leading her to leave her California big city life and enjoy a few days away... Weeks at max. Only her family thinks a little different, wanting to keep her around even longer, because they think they know what Kerri needs: a true, stubborn cowboy.


"And, as it happened every time he was near, her body wanted her to chuck reason out to the pasture and ride the cowboy 'til the cows came home."
- Her Unbridled Cowboy - Donna Michaels

Connor McCall didn't seriously plan on Kerri sticking around, especially since she suddenly seems too tempting. She, her food and everything about her simply draws him in, but he made that mistake not once, not twice, but three times and is not ready for a repeat, even though Kerri seems to be all too different from what he knows. Over strawberries and country fairs the two might find a way together...

I have to admit that I read this book, only realizing in the middle that it is book two of a series. Not that it hurt me much because (let's face it) we all know how books end, so if book one is Jordan and Cole I would have known at the beginning of book one that they end up a couple. As it was, I really loved book two and definitely will get myself book one now only to catch up. Can't wait for book three and four since Donna Michaels just writes beautifully and I have to say, my favorite scene was with Connor and Kerri in the hay... *sigh*


"She could see the news feed now: Meek woman passes out when sexy cowboy gives her the eye."
- Her Unbridled Cowboy - Donna Michaels

This book was so much fun and I really suggest you all read it, peeps! Cowboys are just one thing to make the summer a lil' nicer...

So all I got left to say is:

Yours truly, Julie

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