Day Trip to bookland - a summary

Hello everyone,

this officially states my first ever blog now. Julie already introduced us both, so I'm not gonna say much more to that and dive right into my book paradise!

I got to go on a little trip to Ireland the last two days and that gave me the opportunity to really get into reading. Here's what came out of it:

1. book: C.K. Bryant's "Bound"

Bound came up in my book roulette, as so many books you'll read about here, and I had no idea what it was about anymore. This is what happens with most of the books I read during book roulette.

We meet Kira, who grew up in a house where love wasn't really an issue ever. When her best friend all of the sudden turns into something you never thought possible and her mom and the annoying boyfriend just leave her alone, moving to another state, Kira's life seems to take a turn that she has never imagined. Throw in a guy that looks more like an egyptian prince than anything Kira has ever seen and the troubles are only starting. This story is a nice read that will keep you going, but it won't overly excite you at any point. Plus, the mentions of Octavion's long hair every once in a while just made it hard for me to fall in love with the guy. It wasn't a bad book by far, but the story could've been written with more feeling in my opinion. The way I know myself, I will still read the next book in the series, just because I'm curious by nature.

2. book: Melody Grace's "Unbroken"

"Unbroken" is a great and compelling story that will grip you from the moment you read this book. The story is no surprise: Girl goes back to the small town where her first love broke her heart 4 years ago. Coming back now to prepare her family's vacation house for sale. Juliet MacKenzie has her fears about going back, since she so badly had tried to get her life back on track: new boyfriend, almost finished degree and a life in the big city. When she goes back to Cedar Grove though and meets her old love, all that comes tumbling down. And all it takes is one single look from Emerson Ray.

Already from the first page you know the outcome, but you're still excited to see where it goes. It's heart-wrenching, and you can't help but fall for Emerson Ray during this short trip. Especially when their first meeting again involves him coming to Juliet's rescue. Hell, who wouldn't fall for Emerson right that moment.

"You're mine," he says again fiercely. "Not his, not anyone else's. You can try and pretend you don't feel it, but you do. You'll always be mine."

-Unbroken- by Melody Grace

It's a great short read, where the only issue I have is that it was so short :D Too bad actually! I do know though that there is a novella that will give you an insight on their actual romance those 4 years ago. I will definitely read that!

3. book: Kai Meyer's "Arcadia awakens"

I loved the fact that this book came up during book roulette. Julie already read it a while ago and had told me how much she liked it. So when I saw that would be my next book, I was more than happy to go with it.

Rosa has grown up in the US, but moves back here to Sicily due to "family" issues. On the flight she meets handsome and goodlooking Alessandro. We later on learn that they both belong to enemy clans of the so called Mafia there. What seems to be a Romeo and Juliet kind of story at first then all of the sudden turns that much more interesting when deep buried family secrets are revealed and the fight for the head position of the clans is taken to a whole new level. This romance/fantasy story has lots of things that convince me to keep on reading the series. Despite the factor that I'm a sucker for forbidden love, if you throw in ancient curses and fights to keep your loved ones alive in there, I'm hooked.

I would've loved to see more growing romance in this, but eventually the focus goes more to the suspense factor of the books rather than focusing on the romance. It's fine with me, I just hope in the next book that's not gonna be lost overall.


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