For starters...

Okay, so another blog about books... We know there are a million out there, but we figured one more wouldn't hurt!

We, that's Julie and Yvi. We got that idea when we realized that with our goodreads-account we can easily trace all the books we read.. And that there you can't always say all you want to say if you don't want to spoil people.

So here we are, wanting to bring it all out there. The good, the bad, the in-between.

Why that weird title? Because we need to be different, we need to be creative. And that's what we tried! Plus, doesn't everyone have that one guy they wish they can just take out of a book and keep for themselves? Well... We got more than one and hey, who says we need to chose? ;-) We certainly don't!

To make things more interesting, Yvi and I are playing a kind of game. We call it book-roulette. What does it mean? It just means that we 'buy' free kindle books and then we let the other one name a number from one to whatever your last number is, pick back or front and then we count. Whichever book it is we'll read. It's interesting simply because mostly we can't remember what the books are about and sometimes you find real treasures.

Of course, we are reading 'real' books, too, and believe us when we say: We LOVE those. There's nothing better than opening a book, smelling the paint on the pages, touching them and loving them. So, we hope you want to know more and show up more often! :-D

Goodbye, book-lovers and loverettes!

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