How to be a perfect "Goddess"

Josephine Angelini's series of the starcrossed lovers has been one of my favorites every since the first book came out. Needless to say that I was dying to get to the last book in the trilogy. 

The story of the series so far: If you guys remember, this book is about Helen, a semigod (yes, you read that correctly) that just finds out about her true self when the Delos family (and there are a lot of them) moves to the small island of Nantucket where Helen lives. After first wanting to kill Lucas, a son of the Delos family, then falling in love with him, only to realize that he's her cousin, it becomes quite clear that Helen's life will never be the same. When in book two she has to travel to the Underworld to rid the four houses of semigods of the Furies, who make them want to kill each other all the time to pay for a blood debt that goes all the way back to the Trojan War, Helen almost dies in the process. Only Orion, someone she meets in the underworld and another semigod of two houses, just like Helen, can help her: She slowly begins to grow feelings for him as well, sadly. Throw in Lucas, who is still in love with Helen and confuses the heck out of her, and you not only have a love triangle on your hands, but also a possible apocalypse. The reason? When the four houses of the semigods unite, then this means all out war. And it just happens to be that Helen, Lucas and Orion represent those four houses. And you can guess what happens in the end.

"Goddess" is the third and last book in the Starcrossed series. It leaves off right after the second book, merely hours later. Orion, Lucas and Helen have unwillingly united the four houses and therefore done something everyone has been trying to prevail. With the houses united, this means an all out war with Olympus. And that's not a piece of cake. Pretty quickly the gods start roaming the earth and killing of innocent humans, just because they can. On a romance side: While still reeling from the fact that Lucas is her cousin, Helen tries everything to find if it's really Orion she wants to be with. Besides that, she also needs to find the strength to fight every god in Olympus to make sure that mankind survives. Traveling to the Underworld again, letting herself guide not only by Morpheus, the god of dreams, but also by Hades, the ruler of the Underworld, Helen discovers her true talents and has to make harsh decisions on the way to saving the people she loves.

So, as usual I don't wanna give too much of the story away, but I can tell you that this was a great ending to the story. This book has everything I wanted it to be. We still have the romance factor (and that actually has some heartbreaking moments in it) and we have the epic battle for the safety of the people on Earth, something this story has been building towards for so long now! I loved the whole story, especially the people that helped Helen guide her towards her destiny. There were some things that I didn't like storywise, but I know they were necessary. There always seems to be someone betraying his loved ones in the end. What I have always loved most about this story is all the people in it. The whole Delos clan and Clarie/Matt, Helen's mortal friends, so to say. The chemistry they all have was amazing and you were ruling for all of them all the time. So when something happens to only one of them, even if he/she is not a main character, you still feel for that person and that is one aspect Josephine Angelini managed soooooo good. You wanted everyone to have a happy ending! 

I love Josephine Angelini's style of writing, how it sucks you in from the first moment and you didn't want to put the book down until you got to the very last page. Going to work during that time was hard for me, let me tell you, because the moment I put the book down while reading, I felt like something was missing, that I needed to get back and make sure I went through the whole book. I needed to get through the whole book to make sure things were okay, to make sure that things would end the way I wanted them to! I'm a sucker for happy endings, what can I say!

So I loved this book, and I would recommend this book to everyone that enjoys greek mythology, romance and action in a great writing style. Don't miss out on this amazing series!!! I'm most certainly glad I didn't!!!

Always the reader, 

PS: This was actually a series that I bought the first book as an ebook but loved so much that I had to get the paperbacks as well! And that, my dear readers, means, that I REALLY loved this series!!!


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