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I have to say that I got the first book for free and when I started reading it I wasn't sure what to expect, but then I was pretty quickly drawn in and read it in a day, bought the second one and read that in a day, too.

What can I say? Unexpected turns, beautifully written, always make my heart drop and it's been a long while since a book turn truly surprised me. I loved the book from the very beginning to the very end and I wanted the paperback version of 'Saving Wishes' the moment I was done. Having written my review on Goodreads I got super-lucky and G.J. Walker-Smith sent me a personally signed copy. I LOVED IT and still do.

So, what's the book about? Book one starts with us in Australia, introducing a rather wild Charli Blake, who is being raised by her (absolutely amazing and adorable) brother Alex. It's her last year of High-School and Charli and her best friend plan for a trip around the world after they are finally done.
What Charli didn't plan for was Adam Décarie, who shows her that love can be a rush, a fairytale, and heartbreak.

Among that she has to deal with a best friend who suddenly pulls away and her brother turning out to be someone totally different. Charli pulls through, even as it is obvious that Adam will leave her despite loving her more than anything. 
This book took me to La-La-Land with Charli and it made my heart ache in the best way possible. Even though Adam is so present in that book, my heart instantly went to Alex... *sigh* Oh Alex... Anyways, it was so good, I just NEEDED book two!

'Second Hearts' picks up after a year that Charli spent traveling with a friend she had never expected at her side. Her heart though still is with Adam and Adam is in the big city, which leads Charli to a place she never really imagined herself to be in: New York. Finding Adam isn't as easy as she expects and still, once the two lovers meet, it's clear the sparks are still there.
Thinking that love can conquer all (and hoping that Adam makes true on his promise to leave the big city) Charli stays and works, fights with his family, tries to prove that she's worthy of him only to realize that maybe she doesn't need to prove herself.

"What happens if it doesn't work out?" "Then it's not the end!" 

Truer words never have been spoken. And just like that Charli is in her own fairytale. She conquered the wicked witch, managed the deceiving crowd and still, Prince-not-so-charming needs to find his way back to La La Land and to his princess. The ride couldn't have been wilder had we undertaken it on a dragon.

Desperate for book three, heartbroken for book two and ready to saving wishes so all can turn out well.

That's all I can say.

Yours truly, BBF- Loverette Julie

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