Morganville - you cannot leave, no matter how hard you try

So in case they are people out there that haven't heard of this series, here's a short break down: Morganville is a city that is run by vampires. Evil, cruel and blood thirsty vampires. Yes, there is your occasional rational vampires, but let's face it, if they are hungry, they are all the same. However, there are also humans living among the vampires. So meet Claire Danvers, heroine of ours books and a total nerd. But she's also feisty and has come a long way in all those books already. Together with her friends Michael and Eve and her boyfriend Shane, they are the group that is just calling for trouble. For different reasons. I won't go into the first 13 books, because there would be too much to vocer, but let's just say that ever 13 books in, this story never gets old. Sure, we had a few slow paces, but now, with this current one, we're just picking up the pace again. And don't remind me of the fact that there is only one more left....and it's already coming out in November...I might just sit down and cry...

Okay, without further ado:

Morganville Vampires' book # 14 - 

In this book, for the first time since arriving in Morganville, Claire gets to leave. After having been betryed by her boyfriend Shane, leaving doesn't seem so bad anymore. Now, off to Boston to attend MIT, means that her dream is finally coming true. But does leaving Morganville really mean you leave all the danger behind? No, definitely not. Claire continues to work on the devices that might just even the odds in a possible fight against vampires. But what happens when the device is used as an offense weapon instead of the defense weapon Claire thought it would be used on? It's disaster, let me tell you. Claire moves in with a former friend from high school, who has drastically changed and is slowly driving her mad. Then there is Irene Anderson, the former Morganville resident that now does scientific work in Boston to make sure noone realizes that there are really vampires out there. When man in suits suddenly start showing up in Claire's apartment unannounced and attacks start happening all around her, Claire isn't sure anymore if leaving Morganville really was the right choice. What she doesn't know is that Shane has followed her to Boston. While keeping his distance, he still keeps a distance, giving her the space she asked for. When Myrning and Oliver, Morganville residents, go missing and turn up all fo the sudden with more than enough evidence that even in Boston vampires are hunted, things start to spiral down. Because friends might not be friends after all! And when if they do return to Morganville, what will they find?!

This book is great again!! While the last one was good, but not as great as the other ones, this book is just keeping you on the edge of the seat. Not necessarily because of the suspense, especially in the first part of the book, but because seeing Claire and Shane apart is just WRONG and you want them back together. Badly so. Their moments in the books are my favorites, because those two are just amazing, if you ask me. The whole chemistry this whole group, Claire, Shane, Michael and Eve have, is what makes this series work for so long. It has never gotten old, and never boring, which is why I continued to read this story for as long as I have. You will not be disappointed by this book, not by a long shot. It has everything from love, betrayal, suspense and surprise in it. 

I cannot wait for the last book, but at the same time I never want it to be published because then there will be no more Morganville....

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Read the book, read the series, I don't think anyone that enjoys a good supernatural read will be disappointed.



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