Rush Crush?!

The Too Far series by Abbi Glines was amazing so far: I loved Rush and Blaire together so I was really looking forward to the last installment of this series. Let me introduce you to 

"Forever Too Far" by Abbi Glines

I'm still so weirded out by this book and my reaction to it. Like I said, I LOVED the series so far so I was really looking forward to that last book, but somehow it was totally not what I wanted it to be. I can't even really say anything, since I'm still reeling from it. Not necessarily in a good way.

First of all the story: While Blaire is still pregnant, Rush's sister Nan is still causing problems. Even more so after realizing who her real father is. To ease the trouble that Nan is causing, Blaire and Rush fly out to LA to help Rush's father and Nan's father with his troublesome sister. Everyone who has read the series knows Nan and can imagine how that works out. Not at all. Nan still hates Blaire and that is causing unnecessary trouble between Rush and Blaire. 

I read on one of the reviews that this book is more Rush and Nan's book than it is Blaire's and Rush, and that is actually not so far off. I wanted to love this book, but having the focus on Nan like that and having her cause trouble between Rush and Blaire just got on my nerves, I'm sorry. I love the two, but I can't stand Nan and having her in most of the story, I just didn't get it. 

Second of all, I didn't get the Grant and Harlow point of view in the book. Don't get me wrong, I love all of them, Grant, Woods, Della and Harlow, but this is Rush and Blaire's book, and so the focus should be on them and not on anybody else excessively. If those POVs would've been in their books, I would've loves them, and seeing them seperately from the book I do love them, but not as part of "Forever Too Far". Part of me gets why she put Grant in there (he needed to meet Harlow there, which was the obvious couple for the next book for me the moment they introduced Harlow), but I just think those story lines belong to their own series. And in the end, when Blaire is pointing the gun at Angelina to help Della out?! Also not something that needs to be in Rush and Blaire's book. It seemed really far fetched to me. 

The end.....WTF? Again, this is Rush and Blaire's book and NOT Nan's or Grant's. The ending I didn't get at all, seriously. This book should've ended with a wedding scene and happily ever after, not with Nan showing up at Grant's place...That was something I REALLY didn't understand.

Okay, but enough negativity. This book had its sweet sides as well. The whole caveman thing from Rush still gets me every time. I LOVE it. Also, Rush is such a romantic when he wants to be and sooo caring. I mean, when he invited Blaire's dad for Thanksgiving dinner, that was just sugar sweet. I loved that! Not to mention the wedding song he wrote for her. All things that I loved about this book. 

So I gotta say again: I'm disappointed in this book as I wanted it to be perfect! Maybe though my expectations are just so high when it comes to Abbi Glines, that this book (as the first one ever from her) didn't live up to the standards. It won't keep me from reading more Abbi Glines books (heck no, she's still one of my all time fav authors), but that's why it was just average for me.


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