What a blow...

Hi book lovers,

it's me, Yvi again! Another day, another review, and I don't want to let you wait any longer!!

review book: Nhys Glover's "Guardian of Werewolf Keep"

So when I started reading this book, the title already kind of gave you an idea of what it would be about. Meet Philomena Davenport, who just learnt that her father, who was presumably dead already for years, had actually only recently died and left her a good heritage. In order for her to get rich though, she is forced to spend three months in an old Keep her father apparently inhabited. When arriving there, Phil meets brooding Byron, who evokes feelings in her that she has never felt before. But the Keep houses secrets that Phil would have never believed possible. 

So much for the story. It all sounds kind of interesting in the beginning, but the story is really badly played out. It could've been such a great book, but it just didn't work. The characters fell flat, meaning that you didn't feel a thing emotionally. I always love it when books really make you feel everything the characters go through, but that just wasn't the case with this one. The story was okay, but somehow didn't catch my attention the way I was hoping for. 

Overall it was just a bust in my mind and I'm really longing for a book again where the story sweeps me off my feet and the main character makes me swoon the best way possible! Good thing I'm reading the "Lux" story now....more to that later though!

Night book lovers,


  1. Okay, that definitely sounds interesting story-wise, but totally suck otherwise.. Remind me to stay away from that one! ;-)


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