Canes of Divergence - another Dusk Gate awesomeness

**I received an ARC copy of this book from the author for an honest review**

Sooooooo, I give you (finally I might add LOL):

Oh my, ever since I finished "Blooms of Consequence" I wanted to have this book so badly. You guys all know how much I love this series so it comes as no surprise when I tell you that I was super excited when I got my copy of the book. 

The story continues right where we left of with the last book. Quinn and Will are parents and for the moment enjoying life at the Eirentheos castle. But of course the peace doesn't last and before long, the whole castle is in uproar due to unexpected visitors and threats coming from places that were not expected anymore. In the end, will the secret of the gate be safe or will their enemies finally succeed in getting what they always wanted: across the other side?

So much for the story. You know I'm not a fan of actually telling you much of what is happening in the book because you should all just go and read it right away!

I can tell you this much though: Zander, who has played a key role in the first books, will be back. And I wasn't exactly sure if I was excited or not about that, because Zander always represented the past that Quinn left behind. Throughout the book I was a little worried that the story would focus more on Zander than on Quinn and William (which they are the main reason I fell in love with this book). But Breeana Puttroff managed to make me wish for a William and Quinn scene and right there it was. And in case I haven't mentioned this, I looooooooooove those two.

Breeana Puttroff has this magical world she created and no matter who the story revolves around, you just cannot stop reading. You just WANNA know what happens with all of them. This story doesn't solemnly focus on Quinn and William, which might seem a little weird at first, since the first books where mainly about them, but since you just LOVE all of the other characters as well, you don't mind the other storylines as well. And there are plenty of them. It never gets boring, there's always action going on and you always wanna read faster while at the same time just slowing down to not have the end come too quickly. 

I knew there was going to be something tragic happening in this book. something that would require me getting my tissues out. When I started reading, it was clear what would happen, and also that there were only two people in the story this could happen to. Just so you know, I hate it when I'm right, I really really do! 

With an end like this, I sincerely hope that this is not the last we have seen of this world, because there are lots more things to learn about or to figure out, and I'd really like to have more of this story....LOTS more, if it was up to me!

So again, like in my last post already, I urge you to get this series and dive into this magical and beautiful world!

Your book-lover,


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