Dusk Gate Chronicles - A modern fairytale

Oh my, where to start here! I wanna get you all to read this story so badly, because it's one of the most beautifully written stories I have read in a long time.

The Dusk Gate Chronicles - so far

It's really hard to do this review spoiler free, but I will try my best. The story takes us on the ride of Quinn Robbins, who is a quiet but smart girl living with her mom and her siblings. Her dad died when she was really young, so it has always been just the four of them. When an accident has Quinn seeing a guy from her school  vanish into thin air (or at least that's what it seems like to her), she is curious. She knows him, he goes to school with her, but he is the quiet and lonely type. Not anybody Quinn really would take notice of. Will, while being a loner, might have his own secrets to hide though. Curiosity wins and Quinn follows her fellow class mate in the woods one night and before she knows it, she finds herself in a different world, where kingdoms are real and queens and kings reign over their land. And it turns out, Will brings her right smack in the middle of it. What she finds there might change everything that Quinn has brought up to believe. And it's not always the good kind of truth that she will get to know. 

This is all I'm going to say regarding the plot. Needless to say, there is more than meets the eye. You have a war at hand, fighting, romance, companionship, friendship, hard decisions ahead and truths that will shatter Quinn's whole belief system.

So, now onto my review, which I've been dying to bring out ever since I started reading this series. While the first book came up during book roulette, I was really hesitant. The cover didn't look like much and I had no idea anymore why I got the book in first place. But like always, I didn't go back and check, because the surprise is always part of the journey. 
While the story starts out a little slow (I know it's basically due to the introduction of the characters), the moment that you step into that far away land and get to know the people there, you are instantly hooked. I fell in love with every character during his/her first line and just wanted to keep on reading every free moment that I had. I wanted to know where we go, wanted to see what secrets still lie ahead and who will end up with whom. It's no surprise when I say that halfway through book two you are REALLY ruling for Will and Quinn and already in the first book my heart was all Will's. How can it not be when you have the quiet, lonely, brooding and self-concious guy that lives for helping people?? He's amazing on so many levels, most of them he doesn't even realize until Quinn makes a point of showing it to him. The way their relationship blossoms is also sooooooo amazing. Slowly things are changing between them and this is another reason why I fell in love with this series. You can actually see their feelings grow as if you were right there, experiencing it with them. You see them argue (they are both really stubborn), you see them comfort each other, be there for each other and for the first time they both have the feeling that they found that one person that actaully "gets" them. I LOVE it! It was a beautiful and magical thing to watch happening. I can't express enough how absolutely magnificent their journey was.
But not only the two of them make that series as awesome as it us, but also all the other characters Breeana Puttroff created. Will's siblings, and he has a lot of them, are all amazing in their own way. You will learn to love them just as quickly as I did, because there is nothing you can do BUT love them. Their relationship with each other is so loving and caring that it makes you feel as if there is still happiness and peace there, no matter the possible war that's going on around them. Every scene with them just showed you how much they cared for each other, and to have that described not through words, but mostly through actions, just makes me respect the style of writing all the more.

I wanna keep on telling you how amazing this series is, how I cannot wait until the next book and I'm gonna starve until then, but I just hope that you will see the awesomeness of those books as quickly as I have. 

There is something for everyone in this series, but mostly it's a modern fairytale that really makes you feel warm, loved, makes you wanna laugh, cry, rip your hair out in frustration but MOSTLY it will make you NOT wanna put those books down until you're at the end of the series!
It's that awesome!

Thank you Breeana Puttroff for creating a world that I instantly fell in love with and right now, just don't wanna leave behind.


PS: Good thing there are still more books on the way!


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