Shadow Falls - The end.....OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Okay, so this is the last book in the Shadow Falls series! Good thing though that the next series from CC Hunter will also focus on one of the participants in camp...but enough of that! 

For this review I give you

Oh my, how I loved this book!! I was really sad, knowing that the story will end...most of all because that also meant I had to say goodbye to my favorite were Lucas....and isn't he a hottie. I know with this book you are either Team Derek or Team matter which, when starting to read this book, all things are still possible. With Mario, Kylie's all time foe, on the lose and out for blood, Kylie has to find a way to defeat him. Staying at the camp with the other chameleons is not an option, so she returns to Shadow Falls, to her friends and her family. But being there doesn't make things easier. While trying to find a new quest for her, Kylie also has to deal with the matters of her own heart (which for me that wasn't a hard decision), weddings and babies, the FRU still breathing down her neck, her own family problems and the haunting of yet another ghost. So all in all, life is how it always was for Kylie. But this time, it all ends. 

LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I know I'm such a biased person to be writing this review, but all I actually cared about while reading this book was that Kylie ends up with Lucas. I mean, how can you not fall in love with a possesive were that will do anything for you, turn his back on his own kind and family?! Come on, tell me!!! So yes, I have been biased from the first moment on and was just dying every time the story revolved around the two of them! Oh boy, I'm still so much in love with Lucas....I mean, can I just swoon a little more over everything he did in this book?? How he's still sooooo amazing??? Whoever wants to join, feel free!!!

So anyway, the story overall was awesome again as well! CC Hunter really has created highly likeable characters that make you laugh, cry and be frustrated with them. You wanna fight for them, make sure they feel okay, because they almost feel like your friends as well! I am in love with this series and I'm sooooo sad that it is over. I think in the end things are the way they should be and it couldn't have been written any better if you ask me. Like all the people are where I want them to be, seriously, and that hasn't happened in a while. Ususally there is something that I don't like, but with this book things ended just like I wanted them to! Thank you CC Hunter for this wonderful series and those amazing characters that I will truly miss from the bottom of my heart!!

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