The Prince of Ravens (The Exile Series #1)

The Prince of Ravens has vanished. 

Word spreads quickly from the Fortress of the Empress, through the dark streets of Lucien, and to the far corners of the Empire of Ages. The Children are summoned to the Fortress, and the people talk in muffled whispers, if they dare to talk at all, of secret plots and ancient prophecies. Some say the Prince was murdered, others that he was kidnapped; but underneath it all runs a darker word, one full of terrifying possibility:


Rumor begets rumor, and soon the whisper of truth is lost in the swirling winds of growing fear. For the Prince of Ravens is the prophesied Lord of Death, and on his shoulders rests the fate of the Empire.

Okay, so first I gotta say: No really Book-Boyfriend-material, but I really liked the book nonetheless. So now let's talk about it.

It took me a long while to get into the book for different reasons. The first was that the prince has no name and for me it was kinda weird always just having him called 'the Prince of Ravens' and second, he meets people and he calls them something (making me think it's names), only to reveal later that those 'names' actually are titles. So I missed what I like most about JR Ward: She has a glossary in the beginning and you know titles when you see them. So that would have been nice (even though at the end there is a glossary).

Second: There definitely is a difference between female fantasy authors (the ones I read) and male ones, because the female ones have often love and fantasy combines whereas in this case the love was just barely hinted at. But, those matters aside...

The story is really well written, and I like how the prince slowly gets to know his new travel companions by collecting details about them. I definitely would have never saved him after he knocked me unconscious, but Leah did and I have to say that I enjoy the tension between them. It was really nice. The turns and twists in the story certainly were as many as there were turns in the companions' way, but they were all really good.

I loved that he in the end did the right thing and HOW he did it. Seriously, this book was really good and I'll definitely read the second book, but still... 

I would have loved it more with a true BBF... :-D 

Yours truly,



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