Battlescars - a Rock n Roll Romance

You know I love my rockers...even more so with tattoos and a little bit of attitude! So reading Battlescars by Sophie Monroe seemed pretty logical to me
Aubrey Thompson is a flight attendant with her dad's private airplane firm. She's hired to attend to  rock star and lead singer of the rock sensation Battlescar, Jake Parker, during their next tour. With the image of a womanizer, Aubrey hates the gig, but soon discovers that there is more to Jake than she thought. Before she lets him close though, there are things that Aubrey herself needs to face, things from her past that she has pushed back in her mind. Will Jake manage to penetrate the wall she has put up? Will he be what saves her? Or will it be the other way around?
So like I said before, give me a rockstar, tattoos and an attitude and I'm all over the book. I had high hopes for the book, and while it was a nice read, it just didn't live up to the expectations that I had. There are a few reasons for that:
1. Jake Parker: while I adore his character overall, there where moments where he went "balls to the walls", as Aubrey calls is, and that was a little bit too much even for me. He's a rocker, but he was too much of a softie for me at times. Don't get me wrong, I love guys that seems hard from the outside but are soft on the inside, but Monroe overdid it for me with Jake Parker sometimes. Not always, there are some really cute and lovable things he does for Aubrey and I LOVED it when he was worried about her. But I couldn't shake that feeling at times.
2. the characters and the story itself: the whole thing seemed a little rushed to me. I had the feeling you didn't really have time to get to know the characters. One thing happens after the other, and it was just a little too quick storywise for me. I don't wanna say the characters where too shallow to feel something, but it lacked the depth a little. I'm trying hard to find the right words, but it's hard, because like I said, it wasn't that they were shallow or unlikeable, but I felt that Monroe rushed with their stories. The writing didn't help, because if I have three sentence that say: they do this, then they do this, and then they do that, it looses the suspense.
It was a nice read, overall a nice story, but I think she could've done more with the story! I will definitely read the second story, too though, which I'm actually excited about!!
So, if you want a quick paced, no time to really think about it, story, then this is the right thing for you!
Yours, booklover,


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