Between the Lines - ending was well worth the wait!

So it's been a while since we've written a review, but finally I have something to share again!
"Here without you" is the fourth and last book in Tammara Webber's "Between the Lines" series. While the first two books focused on the relationship of one Emma Pierce and Graham Douglas, the third and now fourth installment focus on Reid Alexander and the one girl that finally manages to tame him.
So here's where we are after the first part of their story: Reid, a typical hollywood snob that thinks he can get everything and everyone, is sentenced to community service after wrecking a house with his car. Meeting Dori, a gooddoer, as he calls her, he realizes that there is more to life than an endless supplies of women and alcohol. For the first time in years, he falls in love. While Dori herself is hesitant at first, it becomes clear quickly that even she cannot resist the charm of Reid Alexander. Despite what she thinks about him, there is more to him than meets the eye, and when she starts to see that, their relationship starts to blossom. Going full force at the end of the book, all seems to be well....if it wasn't for that one secret that Reid is hiding from her: the existence of his child.
So this is where "Here without you" actually starts. Alternating view points with Reid, Dori and Brooke (the mother of Reid's child), the whole story quickly draws you in. Why? Because Brooke (the female Reid, so to say) suddenly gets the notion of looking for her son, only to find out that he's in foster care and that his childhood is anything but pretty. In a matter of hours she has decided that she wants to get him back. Adopt him. Something she also lets Reid in on, who clearly is none too happy about it. He hasn't told Dori about this little secret, and reveiling something like that to her with the background she has is close to suicide. So needless to say, there is enough drama in this book to get you through. What will happen once Dori knows about the child? What will Reid do? So many questions that you will WANT to have an answer to.
I loved this book on so many levels. In the first book of this series, you quickly learn to dislike Reid. Even more so in the second one (along with Brooke). However, to see him grow from the third book and also in this book, is just awesome to read. Tammara Webber manages to turn a character you don't really feel all that much sympathy for to turn into a character you can't help but wanting to be happy. Reid might be a Casanova, but Dori changed him. She didn't do much, but Reid wanted to be better for her, and he is. The things he does and says make you wanna drool and just hide in his arms forever, no matter what comes with it. Dori herself is a character I have liked from the beginning, and she doesn't disappoint in this book either. I loved the whole storyline, I think it was a brilliant ending to the series and this is actually my fav book out of all of them. And the last scene...oh my, it had me crying! I mean, you kinda guessed that this would be what happens, but to have it written out so amazingly well just made the whole experience that much more awesome.
Thank you Tammara Webber for writing such a stunning book that I wanted to reread again the moment I finished it!


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