Blood Like Poison - your different kind of Twilight

M. Leighton has been on my to read list with lots of book, so I was happy to see that she came up in my book roulette. 

The Blood Like Poison series by M. Leighton

Ridley Heller is your regular high school girl that dreams about going away to Stanford after graduation. Her life, a mixture between neglecting parents (they are still mourning the death of Ridley's older sister Izzy three years ago) and friends that care more about social status than actual friendships, also seems sadly normal. That is until Bo enters the picture. There is something that draws Ridley to him, some pull that she's unable to resist. While trying to figure out her feelings for the new guy, people start disappearing a small town is thrust into the unknown. Who is kidnapping and killing all those people? And what does Bo have to do with it! The secrets that are revealed to her will leave Ridley question everything she has known about her life and her past. But will she get past everything and help Bo fulfill a destiny that has been layed out for him? Will she sacrifice everything she loves for the most selfless act ever? You will never know if you don't read this....

"Why do you try?" "Because it's the right thing to do." "Do you always do the right thing?" His lips twisted up into a wry grin. "Almost never."
For The Love of A Vampire - M. Leighton

When I started reading this book, I agreed with a lot of other reviews about the first book. It starts of a lot like Twilight. We all know what Bo turns out to be, and since we knew that and I agreed with others that said it's like Twilight in the beginning, just like everyone else, I was drawn into the story when I realized it turned out not to be a storyline like Twilight AT ALL. And I loved it, I really did. The story was fast-paced, beautifully written and just drew you in. 

Every cell in my body welcomed his closeness, all my senses opened up to take him in, like flower petals opening up for the sweet, wet kiss of rain.
Destined for A Vampire - M. Leighton

I didn't want to stop reading for any of the books and was glad they were all already available for me to get. The story arc is amazingly handled, and it never gets boring, in no time at all. Ridley herself is highly likeable and relatable (okay, if you ignore the fact that we are talking vampires here) and you really love and hurt with her. Bo....oh my, Bo is something else as well! And I mean that simply with love. He's a great guy, one that does remind me of Edward in his way of loving so effortlessly, so charmingly and just making you feel that for him, there is noone else in the world. I loved how the relationship blossomed, but how there were always obstacles thrown in their way. They are tested more than once, and you REALLY wish for them to have their happy ever after. But nothing is safe in this story...

So like I said, I HIGHLY recommend this story for anyone that loved Twilight (yes, that is right) and who loves their mystery mixed with romance! Oh my, read it, now!! You won't regret it! Plus, I will definitely read more of M. Leighton, that is definitely for sure as well!

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