Hollowland - a different kind of novel

Amanda Hocking's "Trylle" series is among one of my favs, so I really wanted to read this book.

We get to know Remy, who is a young woman that is trying to survive in a world where a virus has taken over, turning every human they can get their hands (and teeth) on into zombies. When one day, the safe compound where she lives, gets overtaken by zombies, she can't do anything but flee, leaving her younger brother Max in the care of the government. For some reason they evacuated him. A little boy, sick in the hospital ward, but not the healthy people that live with Remy. While she knows the secret, it becomes her mission to find her way back to her brother. She is the older sibling after all and needs to take care of him, no matter what. On her quest to find her brother, Remy finds more survivors  some that turns out to be friends, others even more than that. While trying to survive in a land where zombies seem to lurk behind every corner, will Remy succeed in finding her little brother alive?

This book was unlike anything I had read in a while. I was hesitant when it came up, but since it's a Hocking book, I still wanted to try. And while it was not a super read that had me read it in one setting, it was suspenseful, exciting and somehow did make you want to know what the end would bring. The story is really well-written and fast-paced, which also fits the whole zombie theme. Remy is a likeable character that you can relate to in terms of loyalty and her instinct to survive, simply to rescue her brother. And she will stop at nothing to get to him. Her sense of responsibility is hightened, because it's a dangerous world, and the more people join her quest, the more people she puts in danger, something she absolutely hates. But no matter what, Remy never gives up. She will fight through everything and for everyone in her group which is what makes her a great heroine. One you can't help but admire.

The story doesn't get really emotional, so it's not a heart-wrenching kind of novel, it's more for fans that enjoy a little suspense and action (because there ARE zombie attacks after all). If you like that, and like to have a quick, easy, nice and fast read, you will love Amanda Hocking's Hollowland. I definitely enjoyed it. 


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