Darker after Midnight (Midnight Breeds #10) by Lara Adrian

I have to say that this novel did feel pretty final... And still, I can't wait to read on. But, before I get there, let me talk about this book.

I might not fill endless lines with everything I have to say about this book and still keep the review spoiler free, but I still wanna say a few words.

I already have been worrying about Chase in book nine, really, really worrying, especially because he seemed to be already at the edge and beyond. I couldn't picture how Lara Adrian would manage to get Chase back from where he was. 
Having Chase and Tavia together from the beginning, and pretty soon locked together by more than circumstance seriously was the best thing that could have happened to that book. I mean, I wanted Chase to have a reason to get better soon, but of course that didn't work out that easy.

Two-hundred pages before the end I was wondering how things could ever come back together again. Chase was so far away from the order that I worried he'd never get back in. And Dragos was so far out of their reach that I worried there couldn't be a positive end.

Then there was the things going on with Lucan... It broke my heart, especially once he realized that Tegan was so much braver than he... 

I loved this book and I know that a lot of people think it should have ended here... I am certain that I will enjoy the next books nonetheless. I mean, if you start them, you know what's coming. If you don't like she kept writing, then stop reading at book eleven. Either way, I'm off to the next book now. 
Happily, as I might add.



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