The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood #12) by JR Ward

Okay, so what can I say? I've been a Black Dagger Fan since friends introduced me to the series and now I can't wait to get every new book... And there's one thing I definitely can say after the last one. This is how I felt:

I have to admit, a girl can forget that the brotherhood is the best damn thing out there. You know, there are so many books out there, it just might slip your memory that they are the best thing. EVER.
A girl can forget that she is utterly and totally devoted to those guys; ready to fall to her knees and just let them have their way with her. A girl can forget... But JR Ward will remind you VERY quick and VERY intense about the fact that the brotherhood owns your every fiber, your heart and your soul. You are theirs, no matter what you might think the rest of the year.

So yeah, what can I say? Opening this book was like coming home. Seriously, I wanted to crawl into the pages, touch the staircase I knew so well, walk down the hall of statues, knock on Qhuinn's and Blay's door and tell them I'm back. 
The main story or the side stories... I can't decide what I loved MORE. They were all amazing and sweet and fun and GREAT. 

I do understand that people get fussy because the book is not ONLY about Beth and Wrath, but you do get why we need that, right? There a re new people, new stories, new hopes and dreams. If you want to keep a series exciting, you need to bring fresh blood and what I actually think is most important is that JR Ward brings back Wrath after all. Another book about him and his beautiful mate in a family that has grown over the years, has been through pain and heartache and grew with it.
So as the family grows, so does the story. You can't stick with the same people over and over. 
And I have to say, Assail and Sola was one hell of a side story. It's intense, and sweet and perfect and cute and amazing. 

JR Ward has written a book that will make you cry, hope, curse, and cry again. It's perfect in every way and even a week after reading the book I still feel its pull. I still feel the need to walk to my shelf and touch the book just so the brothers know I remember.

This time I won't forget that they own me. This time I won't forget where I'm home. This time I won't forget I truly am a Warden - and desperate for the next book.

Yours truly,

the brothers' Julie

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