Kadenburg Shifters #3 - The Siege of Kadenburg by T.E. Ridener


When you live in a town like Kadenburg, you’re just looking for trouble if you ask “Could it get any worse?” 

No one has seen hide nor hair of Breslin Connor in over a month, and Presley begins to feel safe. With her future looking a little brighter, she finally allows herself to relax and enjoy being back in the place she’s belonged all along, with the man she was meant to be with. However, as the old adage says, ‘All good things must come to an end.’
Presley starts having dreams about Lorcan’s deceased brother and he claims she is a ‘chosen one’ of Urseth. He reveals the past to her and the truth about why her father really died on that fateful night so many years ago. She soon discovers that everyone’s destiny has been carefully interwoven with the fate of Kadenburg, and she’s right in the middle of it.

No one is safe. New and shocking faces alike emerge from the darkness, causing the ursithropes to question who they can trust in the town they’ve always called home. Boundaries will be tested, lines will be crossed, and the humans will become suspicious. Will Presley and her family be able to stop Breslin’s loyal pack from claiming Kadenburg? Or will the sadistic werewolf finally get what he wants…including her?

Okay, so what can I say... Despite that, of course, I loved it? Well, that is is freakin' easy: T. E. Ridener named a character after ME! Yes, after me. I don't know if I can tell you all, but yes, that is my name being used. So OF COURSE I love that book even more!!!

That Dim and Rutley were/are my favorite characters is no secret at all. Of course I was glad that Dim took in Rutley like he did, but still my heart aches for both of them. All the time. Dim kinda punishes himself for things that he never were his fault and he stays away from happiness because he fears betraying the one person that meant more to him than anyone else.

Speaking about that: Having Lorcan's brother back in the book really made me happy because, let's face it, everyone who read the first books wanted to meet him, find out what it was about him. Thankfully, T.E. Ridener makes that possible in a great way. I hate books where the loved ones come back as ghosts because... I don't know, how many supernatural beings do you need in a book? Well, let me tell you: Not all of the things that could possibly exist in one book.
So Ridener does a bang up job to have him come back in Pretz' dreams. I love Liam and I wish he'd have a chance to live his life with the most amazing Dim.

Besides that I loved the turn with Natalie. I can't help but love her after finding out what her deal really was.

And now the most important thing... No, wait, let me talk Greg and Lou. Okay, you two, I freakin' love the sh** out of you... He's amazing, she's amazing and strong... Lou is a great person, especially considering what she went through. All the heartache she had to endure and she still manages to look up and smile. Seriously, a great heroine!

Okay, NOW I really wanna talk about Pretz and Lorcan... (Did I mention that there is a character named after me in that book? No? Well, i should have mentionen that, I am sooooo excited! Even though she is not the most charming person in the world, but oh well, neither am I a lot of times! *winks*)
Anyways, what did i want to talk about? Right, Pretz and Lorcan... They are so right for each other it breaks my heart! I love seeing the relationship that develops between those two and... *sigh*

Can I please have a bear, too?

I loved the book, everything around it, and I am a tiny bit biased, but I am sure you will love the book, too, even if you turn green with envy because I get the hot stuff... :-P


Yours truly, Julie

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