Airicka Phoenix's Touching Smoke - Five stars plus!


 I assumed I was human. 

I assumed wrong. 

I dream of death and warm blood on my hands. I dream of the day I burn the world to the ground. I dream of the day I will finally die. 

Running is something my mother taught me to do very well. I never knew why until the night I cause an earthquake and meet Isaiah. My shadow. My protector. My other half. I need him. I need his blood. He is the only one who can keep me hidden from the man who created me. The man who created the monster.

The world is depending on me not to fall in love. But what happens when the temptation becomes too great and falling is my only option? Can I live knowing I will destroy the world because his touch is the only thing keeping me alive?
And how can I trust someone as lost as I am? 

Touch Passion. Touch Power. Touch Smoke!

Oh well, so I don't think there's much I didn't yet say about Airicka Phoenix's books... At least not in the realms I would search the words in. I keep saying that I totally loved this book more than the others I read before and I really want to say it this time again, but it's not entirely true... It's just as good as Octavian's Undoing - and boy, I do adore Octavian. So, I will just start saying that THIS was among the best books I ever read [from Airicka]. Good thing I am usually a gif-girl, so I will not change that now and just post a few gifs to find the words I can't find...

Those are the first two. I started off majorly dreamy because - let's face it - no one can resist a guy in black leather on a bike. Nope, this girl here certainly can't. So I loved that. The relationship between mother and daughter... I loved that, too. 
And then, her mother suddenly has a different name... And knows the totally hot and insane stranger... Like what?? I wanna know the stranger!! Closer, even closer... ;-) Anyways... how about we get back to my review...

Fallon is special. She is very special. I read somewhere that she was whiny. To be honest, I didn't think that AT ALL. She was confused, and she lost someone very close to her, so how could she be tough? Who would be? Besides, she always gets up, moves forward, takes another step no matter how hard it is. I'd never say she is whiny! Emotional? yes. A girl? Most definitely! But whiny? NOPE! Get a grip all you people out there. She's great.

And there is Isaiah... Oh yeah, he totally is there. The attraction between these two is instant and amazing and I loved it right from the start. But of course, we are talking AP-book here, so if you expect flowers, rainbows and unicorns, you are ABSOLUTELY wrong. What can you expect? heartbreak, breathlessness, more heartbreak and a few tears. Or a few more.

That's how I felt starting at about fifty percent. Did it get better? Nope. What can I say though? I'm into the pain. I crave the pain when i book tears your heart out and then holds it in its hand, grinning like stupid, asking why you look so broken. It's good pain. It's amazing pain.


I'm onto the next installment in this series and I have hope that it'll be okay. It has to be okay at some point, right? AP will eventually stop hurting me with her amazing books... Right? Let's hope it won't end any time soon... Like... Never.

Yours truly,


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