This Christmas by T.E. Ridener

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story accompanies the novel Chartreuse which is available now. For a better understanding, entertainment, enjoyment, and the sake of not spoiling the ending of the novel, please be sure to read Chartreuse first. This is a M/M romance for those who are curious. If you don't mind the spoilers and you're just looking for a quick, enjoyable read, please proceed.

For Kasen Reed and Rowan Kelly the road to true love has never been easy. Six years after finding each other, things seem to finally be falling in to place. Their love for each other has done nothing but grow. But true love has its faults.

Demanding jobs, new business ventures, and general day to day activities have put a distance between the two lovers. Both are at a loss on how to fix it. With the holidays right around the corner and a want to expand their family, our favorite couple must find a way to get back to the harmony they once had.

After fighting for their love in almost impossible conditions will everyday life be their downfall? Christmas is a time of peace and love. Can Kasen and Rowan turn their chaotic life around in time to enjoy the holiday and have everything they ever dreamed of?

Approximately 24,000 words

And now the things I think about that book... This is a tough one. Not because the book wasn't good, but because it was too good. I really want to write this review without spoiling any of you, so there might not be said much about the book at all besides a lot of *sighs* and *giggles*. 

I got this book as an ARC-copy and I'm more than glad about this! 

I'm no stranger to M/M books, but a lot of times it's either tough f***ing or no action at all. I like guys having action because, let's be honest, they have needs, too, but I don't like if they are constantly displayed as... I don't know. Either way, T.E. Ridener makes this HOT and STEAMY and yet DREAMY!

I loved the whole story, from beginning to end, starting with the way she describes the every day life to the very end where they seem to find the perfect solution. I loved, loved, loved the relationship between Kasen and Rowan because there never was a doubt that those two mean the world to each other. And then, of course... Uh, but I promised to not spoil anyone, so of course I'm gonna shut up now.
This is an easy, fast read, a cute novella that actually made me wake up thinking about it still a few days after I finished. Even NOW I keep going back to that little story.

As a streetteam member I got lucky enough to catch tiny sneaks before this story ever really was anything and BOY, I am so glad you all get to enjoy it, too. It seriously is a GREAT read to get in the mood for Christmas. I instantly went and pre-odered this book, meaning YOU should get on that, too!

Another great one, T.E. Ridener. Thank you!

Yours truly,


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