Take - Silvia Ami

I got this book from Silvia in exchange for an honest review!

Synopsis: When FBI special agent Joss Dubois discovers that her best friend’s life is being threatened, she volunteers to be the Vegas dancer's official protection. Determined to solve the case before she loses one of the only people she loves, Joss becomes caught up in terrorism, attempted murder, and life behind-the-scenes of the seedy nightlife of Sin City.

Joss is forced to partner with the security manager at the Desert Casino, former Intel Marine, Ethan Gallagher. Despite her resistance to his charm, and her stubborn insistence on controlling the investigation, Ethan finds himself drawn to the smart, beautiful, tempting FBI agent. But Joss isn’t so eager to risk heartbreak after the tragedies of her past and her job has become the only thing she can count on.
When the threats against the people they’re protecting turn deadly, Ethan and Joss have to find a way to trust each other to track the hunter who lies in wait for the Desert’s dancers. But trust is a rare and fragile thing to Joss, and Ethan may not be up to the task despite the mutual attraction they can't deny or fight.
Will their new partnership blow up, or can it survive to take down the predator before it’s too late? 

First of all, thank you to Silvia Ami for letting me read her book. It was truly a nice change since I haven't read a suspense novel in a while.

The story takes off right away, and throughout the whole book there is never a dull moment, never a time where you're wondering if the story will move forward. It's action-packed, for sure, but with the chemistry that Joss and Ethan have, you cannot help but want them to find their way to each other. Silvia managed to combine both the suspense and the romance story beautifully, that you never thought one aspect is taking a back road. 

Ethan and Joss try to fight their chemistry for a long time, simply because they both have their own demons to fight, their own secrets to deal with, and yet it's inevitable that they turn to each other when things take a turn for the worse in the caswe involving their friends. So with that tying them together, it#s great to watch them deal with their personal and work relationship on different levels. 

The whole friendship aspect plays a big role here as well, and I loved that we got to see a tight group of friends that comes together when a threat threatens to take one of their own. You can really tell how they all have been through so much together, and even if Ethan is the outsider at first, it becomes apparent that he's integrated quickly into that group. And the comfort and support they show each other is a really wonderful thing to watch in this book.

The suspense part of the story is also something I enjoyed, because I really like to try to figure out myself who the bad guy is, so it's been a fun ride in that case without me knowing in the end who the bad guy was. I still fully enjoyed it, because, like I said, it's been a while since I read a suspense novel!!

Overall I was really happy with the book and completely enjoyed it!! I'm really hoping Silvia will be writing more^^

Thank you guys!!


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