Resisting You - Fabiola Francisco - amazing novella!!

I was super happy to get to read this early! Sooo excited! Thank you Fabiola for providing and ARC copy to me!

Synopsis: "Aiden is Chicago’s most desired bachelor. Women either want to tame him, or get lost in his touch. He’s a man who has it all: great job, money, and women. 

When he meets Stacy, the one woman who doesn’t surrender to his inescapable appeal, he is faced with a challenge he can’t resist, an exhilarating chase he is determined to win. 

The chase becomes a seduction neither of them can withhold. Will it last or are some habits too difficult to break?"

So after reading "Restoring Us" and hearing that Fabiola was writing a novella with Aiden, I feel like I harassed her so long until she finally gave in and handed me an early copy of this book!! I already loved Aiden in the first book, and couldn't wait to get to know him more. Especially since the sparks between him and Stacy where already flying high back then. 

Aiden is your dirty mouthed playboy, the one that always gets the girl he wants and never gets rejected. While that might sound familiar to some of you, this story is anything but. Because while Aiden is just that person, his dirty mouth is the one thing others sometimes fail to be: honest. He will brutally give you everything you want to hear and more. He won't hold back, and he will give it to you straight. Always. And I love that about him! That truthfulness in his words made the dirty mouth all the more attractive. And I already loved his dirty mouth LOL But, besides that, Aiden is also a great person. Sounds clichee, but it's truth. He cares for the people around him (we've seen that with his sister) and is loyal to the bone. Also, once he sets his mind to something, he doesn't give up until he achieved whatever it is. And it just happens to be Stacy now.

Stacy is one of the girls that we all wanna be. Great friends, great job and all of the sudden a hot guy running after her. But then again, Stacy doesn't wanna be one of those girls, the ones that simply give in for a night and that's it. And that's where Aiden has met his match. She doesn't give in easily, actually making him work hard for it and unmistakably telling him what she thinks of his way of acting. And yet, there is attraction that cannot be denied. Not at all!

Throughout the whole book, there are a steamy scenes that will make you feel hot and in need of a VERY cold shower. I remember that I already needed one after the first chapter! It was just so perfectly described, not too little and yet not too much either. I loved it!!

This is a great addition to this series and I'm super glad we got to see more of Aiden. AND I'm secretly hoping there's more where that came from!!!

Again, thank you Fabiola for letting me read this AMAZING book <3




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