Evergreen by Jessica Florence


It was supposed to be an easy stake out.  
Until a bunch of bachelorettes mobbed me,changing my life forever. 

I couldn't get Andi Slaton, with her red hair, blue eyes, and cotton candy flavored lip gloss out of my head. 

But when she offers herself to aid the FBI to help me take down the biggest criminal family in Tampa, Florida, my very sanity is put to the test watching her spend time with my arch enemy. 

She's everything I want, I will be everything to her. 
We will be Evergreen.

My Review:

Jessica Florence started my latest obsession: Cops, agents, officers, anything really that has a uniform and is on the right side of law. That little dangerous edge her Ryder King has just makes him all this and more. What exactly is all this? 

Ryder is: protective, hot, sweet, passionate, devoted, fierce, rough, gentle, oh, and did I say hot? So yes, he's exactly like any Book-Boyfriend should be. The sparks flying between him and Andi from the beginning on are just so explosive, I worried I'd catch fire. I love their first meeting, how she is someone she not usually is, how he just can't stop thinking about her. And it's not wonder really because Andi is real.

I love that of her. She could be any of us really, just a normal girl with a sweet tooth. And I gotta be honest here: A girl who doesn't eat sweets makes me run. Something has to be wrong with her, right? *winks* Just kidding, but still, I can't help but feel as if Andi was written for girls like us, the salad-is-fine-but-where-is-the-chocolate-fraction. That's me. Besides, being a sweet girl (pun intended) Andi is also devoted and fiercely loyal. Every thing about those two, about this story, felt exactly right to me and that's what I need in a book. 

The story is different and very well written. Jessica Florence has a writing style that is so full of heart and soul that it captures you almost instantly and won't let you go again.

If you don't read this book, you are missing out.


This book has one massive flaw. Seriously. One I cannot overlook.

It. Did. Not. Come. With. My. Personal. Ryder.


My rating:

Five out of five book-boyfriends from me!

READ IT! BUY IT! OWN IT! Never let it go again. 

your BBF-BBF


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