Just A Little Crush - Just A Little Flirt by Renita Pizzitola

I have been provided with copies of these books by Netgalley! (THANK YOU!!!)

So, before I started reading those books, I had never heard of Renita Pizzitola before. But that's the beauty of the book world and especially having the chance of reading new books through Netgalley. 

And let me just tell you, what a find Renita Pizzitola was. Those books...I loved both of them soooo much! They were intruiging, enticing, heart-warming and sucked me in like nothing else. It was simply great!!!! I did not wanna put any of them down and already asked Renita when we're getting the new books.

Both of these books have strong female leads that you can't help but admire. Both of them fighting their own demons and doubts, and it's a beautiful thing to watch them grow into the women they are. 

And boy, those guys....can I have one of them??? Especially Cade...oh boy, that man! I mean, who wouldn't fall for someone that volunteers at a hospital with his dog and helps kids through a tough time? I mean, seriously?? But both of them are so amazing that you just wanna stay with them, have them keep you safe like they do for those two young women. 

The writing is really great as well, making it easy to feel with the characters, get lost in them and their story and just never hear or see anything around you! You won't wanna work anymore, because all you wanna do is get to the end of that book and devour it like nothing else!!

So I LOVED those books, I seriously do! And if you haven't had a chance to check out Renita Pizzitola, you should definitely do that. Her books are amazing, and I hope that more people pick it up!

Both books receive 5-book-boyfriends!!!!!!

Always yours, 


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