OMG YES!! More Morningstar warriors coming your way - Set To Start by Sam Destiny


Before every queen there is story to be told... 

Kaden, a Morningstar warrior and vampire, has kept his heart locked away because he knew one day there'd the that girl for him. When Cia comes around though, he can't help but follow his heart's desire. 

Ciarda is head over heels in love with a guy she only sees at night, and then not even regularly. After an accident changed her life forever, she is all set on making life the way she always wanted: a husband, a house, a secure job. For Kaden though Cia is ready to throw it all away and live in the spur of the moment. 

What they don't know is that fate has other plans. For one this relationship soon will be a faint memory, while the other has to live with the knowledge of simply not being 'The One'. 

The Novella should be read AFTER book one, Set In Flames. 

For mature audiences only due to adult situations and language.

OH YES!!!! It's finally out for all of you to enjoy and devour. The new novella by Sam Destiny, a kind of a prequel but then again, not really! So like the disclaimer said, don't read it if you haven't read book one, because it might be spoilery for you then!

BUT, that's not what this review is gonna be about. It's gonna be how amazing this book is, and how much I wish each and every one would pick it up and read it!! It's no secret that I love Sam Destiny's writing. I mean, seriously, have you READ "Set In Flames" or "Tagged for Life"??

Okay, so Set to Start follows one of our favorite twins, Kaden, in the time before Maya came into their life. We get a glimpse at what happens when a warrior falls in love with someone other than his designated Origin, and let me just tell you, it's heart-breaking, beautiful and gut-wrenching. Why? Because simply imagine loving someone, only to find out that this person will never be truly yours, because at any point there is the chance that someone could come and take that person away from you. And there is nothing whatsoever that you can do! This gif seems really fitting for the situation actually.

I don't think any of us can really imagine what that feels like, and I never want to either.Which makes this book all the more heartbreaking though. My heart was in shreds in between, simply because you wanna help these two, and yet you know there's a REASON for all of this. The emotions are so palpable through the pages that you have a hard time breathing in between, simply because you don't know how to.

Cia, our main female character, is a strong and level-headed woman, that falls in love with Kaden, not having the slightest idea what she has gotten herself into.And it's not that Kaden doesn't feel anything for her, because he does. But she's not the one destined to be with him, he knows that, and it tears him apart. I fell in love even more with the warrior in this novella, because we get an even deeper insight in him in this piece of art. Both characters excel in this novella and it makes the waiting for the actual book two excruciatingly long if you ask me. But yes, October is coming, too. Eventually.....

What else can I say? How about that I think that Sam Destiny's writing gets better with every line she writes. This book was so amazingly written that it hooked you on the first page already and didn't let you go anymore. Not at all. And you didn't want to go anywhere, because you want to know exactly how this story ends. Will there be some kind of happy end? But then again, what does happy end really mean?

Do me a favor, all of you, and get this novella now. And make sure to get book one in case you haven't! Heck, you need to!!!!!

Mh, wanna take a guess at how many book boyfriends this one gets???

5 freaking ones of course!!!

Questions? No? Then go buy the freaking book now!!!!!

Yvi :D

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