Rocco by Tracie Podger - a Fallen Angels novella

Naples, Italy, the late 60’s – A young man witnesses the abduction of his father and brother.
Rome, Italy, present day – A very powerful old man and head of the largest crime organisation in the world, he tells a story.
This is a story of young love, of dreams and hopes for a future not possible.
This is a story of the darkest anger, the deepest love and crushing regret.
This is the story of Rocco
Contemporary Romance for readers over the age of 18
This novella is to accompany the bestselling Fallen Angel Series

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC copy by this wonderful author, THANK YOU Tracie!!

I was very interested to see this book out and about, since I've just finished "Evelyn" as well, and she's one of my favorite characters in the Fallen Angels series actually!! So after having read that book, I was interested in getting in Rocco's mind.

While the book didn't pull me in like the others did, I still loved seeing Rocco's POV on everything. How things with Evelyn progressed was especially exciting to see. When reading Evelyn, you aren't really sure how Rocco feels about her, so it's amazing to see that he was actually in the same position. Sadly, it was only a novella, so not long enough LOL PLUS: the ending....oh my, now the ending I LOVED! I won't spoil it, but it's great, because it gives Tracie sooooo many possibilities that I hope that she will take up in the Fallen Angels novels again *glares at Tracie threateningly*

As for the book itself, Tracie is GREAT at writing stuff that makes it easy to get into and keeps your interest. Before I knew it, I had started the book and finished it....and wanted more. Even if this book might just have been a good book for me, Tracie always makes me want to read more of her stories and get into the world of the Fallen Angels again!! Pretty please?? Release something new for me soon again? I know I've just gotten Rocco, but what about Robert and Brooke? Evelyn? Travis? I want them all again! More of them! Pretty please??

Oh well, while I try to convince Tracie of releasing books sooner, I'll be thinking about them!!

3-book-boyfriends from me for Rocco!!!


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