FOREVER MARKED (Marked Series book 1) By Lady J - Sarah's Review

 If you were a marked woman, how far would you run?

At only 23 years old, Ellora's life is turned upside down. She captures the unwanted attention of a dangerously ruthless man, who'll stop at nothing until he possesses her. Haunted by nightmares of the brutal attack she survived, Ellora flees the country desperate to hide. But, the longer she runs the deeper his obsession grows.

Behr is a hard working bachelor who's life is stuck on repeat. Every single day is filled with the same people, and the same routine. That is, until a beautiful stranger stumbles into the local pub and into his heart. Even though he's immediately drawn to her raven black hair and deep green eyes... he knows she's hiding a secret. One he's determined to uncover.

Can Ellora stay safe in this small harbor town?
Has the twisted game of cat and mouse, just begun?

I loved this debut novel! I was intrigued from the start and loved that things start off fast rather than unfolding too slowly, the heroine has already made the decision to leave and we are off! No time is wasted because she doesn't have the time to spare. She arrives in Scotland and we meet the great cast of characters and each are so unique that its not hard to keep track of who's who at all. Behr is a great guy that anyone would love and fall in love with him, I did! Especially at the end where he goes ape man over Lor, OMG!! *fans self*

Ok so, story wise... we get a really great love story that is a gentle, beautiful kind of love instead of "insta-love" 0 to sixty with no build up at all. The romance is done so perfectly because this girl has been wounded and doesn't trust well, but DOES trust Behr. And rather than doing what so many authors do of automatically throwing them in bed together and "healing" one another, we get a slow burn that works so well because she DOES need time. Just because she trusts Behr right off the bat, doesn't mean they have to get it on, right away. So while some might say she fell for him too fast or something, I don't see that. I saw a girl who found her soulmate and knew she could trust him and told him things on her own time, and he with her. So to me, the pacing of it was just right. Plus, the great thing about Behr was that you knew he was all man, you knew he wanted her from day one, but he never pushed. He is the perfect combination of gentleman and hot alpha we all want!

Now Dalton... I loved that we didn't hop around too much to the baddie Dalton because normally I hate that. I like seeing the bad guys and what they're up to, but I don't need every other chapter to be them twirling their evil mustache. We got just enough information and then the PI Dominick took over and that really gripped me. Seeing him on the trail and what he discovers and how he goes about handling it was cool, I don't want to give too much away but trust me, he's one to watch.

The ending was great and the last 20% or so gets really intense and I didn't want to stop! We are definitely left wanting the next book because this is nowhere near over!

I have to applaud Lady J because writing your first book can't be easy and I'm so proud of you, congrats!



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