Pull You Through - Kaylee Ryan



Life is a series of events, one leading you to another. The hell I lived through with my drug-addicted parents led me to the Marine Corps. Committing my life to my country was easy. My brothers were my family–all I had and all I needed. I wasn’t looking for her, but I should have known life had other plans.
It led me to her.
the moment we met, I knew he was different–I just didn’t realize he’d change my life. He was a guy on leave, an acquaintance. Until he was something more, something unforgettable. I never imagined he’d leave ten days later, taking a piece of me with him. Then again, maybe I did know. I just didn’t care.
He was worth it.
My Review:
I have to admit that i find it hard to write this review. I was excited for the book and started it the minute I got my hands on the ARC. Slade has been through some tough stuff in his life, and my heart hurt for him. It was a nice contrast to Austyn, who had everything a girl could want. It was also refreshing to have two characters that are both unexperienced when it comes to love and intimacy. 
The times they spent together were well-described and cute, but... here comes where I started to find it troublesome. For me the feelings between those two—although made out to be forever and intense—weren't. I mean, neither had anything to compare their love to, and it was all very sudden. I agree that there's insta-love, and I enjoy those books usually, but this one just didn't do it for me.
Toward the end the author got into heavy topics (no spoilers) and I enjoyed the way she dealt with them in the book, so really the ending for me made the book better overall.
My Rating:

3 out of 5 book-boyfriends

It's an easy read with enjoyable characters, but it did not pick me up the way I expect a military romance to do. That said, Kaylee Ryan has a unique way of writing that makes the scenes and locations vivid in my mind.



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