Tall, Dark and Handsome - Amelia Wilde

Cannon Hunt checked all the boxes to be a superstar.
He wasn’t supposed to check my box.
The silver screen is my life, and this time, the director’s chair is mine.
So only serious actors need apply. I’m making a gritty war film, not a sappy romcom.
Cannon is the last person I want to cast in my movie or my life.
His face is so perfect he could model...and he does.
His body is so cut he could be a Greek statue.
And his eyes? Don’t get me started on his dark, take-me-now eyes.
He’s the studio’s pick for leading man.
I can’t escape him.
And I can never admit the truth: I don’t want to escape.
One touch could bring down my entire career.
But when he finally whispers my name...
I can’t say no.

Kamisa’s Review:

This was an easy and fast read. It was my first Amelia Wilde book, and the characters were cute and likeable. There were enough sexy scenes to make me squirm in my seat and yet a cute intensity I liked about them.

Cannon thinks he’s God’s gift to women, and yet he pursues what he wants. I’d recommend this read for anyone who needs a good beach read with a depth-ful story, likeable characters, and good writing.

However, what the book lacked IMO was more… emotion, more brooding intensity (yeah, there are two different intensity versions… 😉 ) and over all I missed being fully invested with this characters. Again, it was an easy and fast read and definitely a summer holiday pick-up.

My Rating:

 Enjoy the sun, guys!



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