The Sound of Your Heart (College Bound Series) - Laura Ward & Christine Manzari


Julie Prescott is the life of every party. She’s loud, witty, and uses her body and pretty face to get whatever she wants. She’s never had a problem hooking up with guys, or ditching them when they don’t live up to her standards. Julie has a list of exes a mile long and a reputation to match, but she’s looking for more than just a degree in college. She’s looking for Mr. Perfect.

Ben Sutherland is the enigmatic bassist of a popular local band. Born blind, Ben depends on his other senses to help him understand the world around him on a deeper level. His sultry voice and musical talent might make it impossible for him to go unnoticed on campus, but Ben isn’t looking for fame or groupies. He’s looking to perfect his music.
Julie’s been lusting after Ben for months and when she finally meets him at a party, her confidence is shaken when she discovers she can’t use her physical beauty to charm him. Even though she's always relied on her looks, it’s her personality that wins Ben over and he’s determined to show her that she’s more than just a pretty face.
But falling in love is the easy part. Family lies, a questionable reputation, and the chance of a lifetime threaten to tear Ben and Julie apart. Can they trust the futures they’ve chosen or will they take the biggest risk of all and listen to the sound of their own hearts?

My Review:

Gah, where the hell do I start? I'll admit that this is the first book of the series that I read and I didn't know what to think. It started out a little slow for me, but then got so. damn. good. Like... Jesus Christ on a Cracker, that book was incredible.

This book was sensual, temtping, sweet, painful, EPIC.

Ben is blind, but damn, that doesn't make him lacking. You know how people wonder how we can fall for Book-Boyfriends when we don't even see them? Because of words, because of he is described, because how how he is written, because of what we see he thinks. And Ben is all that and more. I swear.

I love the chemistry he had with Jules right from the beginning, and I loved even more how Jules changed without realizing it, how she saw that there was a different life, a diifferent chance... A possibility to be someone she, too, liked, because honestly? Julie is many of us, fullfilling a picture and expectations until we believe we are what people expect us to be, only to realize we don't know what WE think about ourselves.

I absolutely LOVED this book. I also loved the side characters like Darren and Caz. I cannot recommend this book enough, seriously.


Stay tempted. 😏



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