Hayden (Four Sons #2) - J.D. Hollyfield



I am a hothead, a wild card, and son to a murdered man. 
I crave the things I can’t have and don’t want the things I can. 
Now, I’m left to pick up the pieces—stitch our family back together with a damaged thread. 
This isn’t the life I envisioned. And to make matters worse, the women in our lives are testing the strength of our brotherhood. 
My name is Hayden Pearson.
I am the eldest—a protective, but vindictive son. 
People may think I’m too young to fill our father’s shoes, but it won’t stop me from proving them all wrong.

KC's review:

I enjoyed this book a lor mote than I did the first. Hayden is crass and intense, but man, there's just something about him that makes me want to lean into him and kiss him until he realizes he's good enough. For him. For her.

I also loved the glimpses we see of the family, and the way he wants to protect them. I cannot wait for the other books because DAMN, what's up with Brock, and what will happen to Camden? Jesus, those four brothers will be the death of me. :-O

My rating:

Four out of five Book-Boyfriends

Love ya guys!



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