Rough Rider (Sugar County Boys #3) - Madison Faye


Country swagger, filthy mouth, and one big, huge…gun.
The wildest outlaw in Sugar County is about to get his dirty hands all over one lucky lady.
And this is one cowboy who knows how to hold on tight.

No one ever said robbing a drug kingpin was gonna to be easy. But for a rough and tumble outlaw like me, it should be a cakewalk.

That is, before I crash in locked and loaded to find the prettiest little firecracker this side of the Mississippi sticking a gun in my face.

She’s the good girl gone bad – the gorgeous, tempting little socialite with a shotgun. Problem is, we’re after the same money. Problem is, one look at that fiery red hair and those sweet curves that won’t quit, and I’m hooked like a fish on a line.

Problem is, we already slept together.

Yeah. Shit.

I know the rules, and I know a rough, filthy country boy like myself should stay away from a rich, sassy heiress like Chastity Huntington. But I’ve already had a taste of her sweet lips, and gotten a tease of her soft moans. And now? Well now I’m gonna make her mine.

We’re tied to each other – literally – and on the run from some very dangerous people. But lucky for her, I carry a big gun.

Lucky for her, I know how to hold on tight and ride all night.

Lucky for her, I’m never gonna let go.


Sam’s review:

I also read one and two of the series (and you don’t have to read them in order. Hell, I didn’t.) and I have to say, out of the three two is my favorite. That doesn’t mean three didn’t absolutely work for this starved single. *winks*

Kicking off three is a rather explosive meeting of the two mains and I have to say, I might have fallen for Shepherd, too… Holy shit, tall, dark, protective?? What can I say, I’m a sucker for that type.
Also, the chemistry those two have is… Wowza. You can definitely say that Madison Faye knows how to make you panting, too… I also really enjoy how those stories always have a twist, and getting Chastity away from her stupid arranged marriage is definitely something Shepherd didn’t plan on—but that doesn’t mean he’s not gonna hold onto what is his.

If you need quick reads with filthy hot scenes—go for the Sugar County Boys.


Stay glam!



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