Unspoken Vow (Steele Brothers #2) by Eden Finley


He’s everything I want but run away from.
There’s a long list of things I don’t handle well:Change.Relationships.Breakups.But there’s one person above everything else I can’t seem to get a handle on.Brody Wallace.In short, he’s perfect. The reality, he scares me.
When I need to find a new place to live, Brody offers me his spare room, but I have no plans on taking him up on the offer. He doesn’t know what happened to me five years ago, and I want to keep it that way.
But with limited options, I find myself outside his apartment holding a full moving box and wondering: How can I do this without exposing the darkest part of my past?

He’s the opposite of what I usually go for. He’s bigger. Intimidating. He reminds me of someone I’d rather forget.

My review:

This book… I know a lot people will speak about Anders and what he’s been through (OMG, can I hug that boy, please?!), but I want to talk about Brody.
Many people forget that while the victim itself has a hard as fuck life (how the hell can they not?) it’s also the family and friends affected by that. You want to help the person, comfort them, shower them in love, but sometimes that’s not what they need.

Hell, it’s not what they need at all.
Brody does everything he can to make things easier for Anders, better, right, and that when knowing that most likely he can’t do much but encourage Anders to take steps to become better. Watching someone you love suffer—the pain is one hard to describe. The helplessness, the tears, the wish to change the world because you can’t change the person… Brody’s love for Anders couldn’t shine through more clearly. (Yes, I totally have a crush on everything that’s the tender and considerate perfection called Brody Wallace.)
And then… Anders… Boy, where do I start? I have so much love for the fight he goes through, for the strength he finds even when he thinks he doesn’t possess any… Jesus, boy, you captured my heart without warning me.
Also, one of my favorite parts is the way the two of them find a kink (if you call light BDSM that) and realize how freeing it can be for both of them, not just one, and are ready to explore it together, to overcome everything that keeps them from being as close as they want to be…
Eden Finley delivers a heartfelt, angst-ridden, and extremely emotional book that will not let you go even months after you’ve read it. The story of Anders and Brody, of overcoming the pain, the doubts, and doing what you fear most? Yes, this journey is so worth taking. You will NOT regret it one second.
(And just so you know, if you plan on starting out with book two instead of one… Do yourself a favor and check out Law, too, because… *sigh* His book is incredible, too.)
BBF's Rating:

My suggestion: Go and grab it, people. Despite the fact that Eden Finley is someone you should always, always read, this book will give you something not many others do: insight, feelings, and a new awareness.




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