The First Score by Amie Knight


There was something about that first score, and not just on the football field.

I loved all of life's firsts, which was why I’d been saving mine for one girl, my older sister’s best friend—Hazel Jones.

She was tough and sarcastic with walls around her heart as tall as a football stadium, but I knew she was the one for me.

Desperate times called for desperate measures and I’d have done anything to make her mine.

Like create a fake online persona.
Lie about my age.
Pretend I wasn’t some naive virgin.

And catfish the hell out of the love of my life. 

My Review: 

I mean... Ollie. That basically says it all. Amie Knight managed to make me fall for him within the first pages of the book—when he wore nothing but white briefs and was no older than five. I don't know how she managed, but everything she wrote, every page I turned, I couldn't stop. 
Linebacker, heartbreaker, and charming as hell... Those are just Ollie's most obvious qualities. 
Loyal, sweet, tender, romantic—those are the qualities that will make you fall for Oliver Knox hard and fast.

Hazel Jones—everything she went through, everything she had to endure... Damn, that woman is so strong. I wish I'd be half as strong as Hazel is. The way she cares about her Pops, about her best friend and mostly about Ollie is incredible. 

There were some scenes that you couldn't have written better even if you spent years trying. The hospital-scene, a door between them—damn, Amie Knight, you did an outstanding job on that one. I already suggested this book to a friend of mind because this is a must-read for me. 

Also... I love that Ollie is younger than Hazel, but knows exactly what he wants and goes for it, too.

Everyone who didn't read this will miss out. I'm serious. It has humor, some sexy scenes, a dirty talker, and more than just a handful of panty-melting moments. 

Ollie comes to steal your heart—and it won't be his first score. 

My Rating:

Five out of Five Book-Boyfriends




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