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Blood Like Poison - your different kind of Twilight

M. Leighton has been on my to read list with lots of book, so I was happy to see that she came up in my book roulette.  The Blood Like Poison series by M. Leighton Ridley Heller is your regular high school girl that dreams about going away to Stanford after graduation. Her life, a mixture between neglecting parents (they are still mourning the death of Ridley's older sister Izzy three years ago) and friends that care more about social status than actual friendships, also seems sadly normal. That is until Bo enters the picture. There is something that draws Ridley to him, some pull that she's unable to resist. While trying to figure out her feelings for the new guy, people start disappearing a small town is thrust into the unknown. Who is kidnapping and killing all those people? And what does Bo have to do with it! The secrets that are revealed to her will leave Ridley question everything she has known about her life and her past. But will she get past everything and

Hollowland - a different kind of novel

Amanda Hocking's "Trylle" series is among one of my favs, so I really wanted to read this book. We get to know Remy, who is a young woman that is trying to survive in a world where a virus has taken over, turning every human they can get their hands (and teeth) on into zombies. When one day, the safe compound where she lives, gets overtaken by zombies, she can't do anything but flee, leaving her younger brother Max in the care of the government. For some reason they evacuated him. A little boy, sick in the hospital ward, but not the healthy people that live with Remy. While she knows the secret, it becomes her mission to find her way back to her brother. She is the older sibling after all and needs to take care of him, no matter what. On her quest to find her brother, Remy finds more survivors  some that turns out to be friends, others even more than that. While trying to survive in a land where zombies seem to lurk behind every corner, will Remy succeed in f

Battlescars - a Rock n Roll Romance

You know I love my rockers...even more so with tattoos and a little bit of attitude! So reading Battlescars by Sophie Monroe seemed pretty logical to me     Aubrey Thompson is a flight attendant with her dad's private airplane firm. She's hired to attend to  rock star and lead singer of the rock sensation Battlescar, Jake Parker, during their next tour. With the image of a womanizer, Aubrey hates the gig, but soon discovers that there is more to Jake than she thought. Before she lets him close though, there are things that Aubrey herself needs to face, things from her past that she has pushed back in her mind. Will Jake manage to penetrate the wall she has put up? Will he be what saves her? Or will it be the other way around?   So like I said before, give me a rockstar, tattoos and an attitude and I'm all over the book. I had high hopes for the book, and while it was a nice read, it just didn't live up to the expectations that I had. There are a few reasons

Between the Lines - ending was well worth the wait!

So it's been a while since we've written a review, but finally I have something to share again!     "Here without you" is the fourth and last book in Tammara Webber's "Between the Lines" series. While the first two books focused on the relationship of one Emma Pierce and Graham Douglas, the third and now fourth installment focus on Reid Alexander and the one girl that finally manages to tame him.   So here's where we are after the first part of their story: Reid, a typical hollywood snob that thinks he can get everything and everyone, is sentenced to community service after wrecking a house with his car. Meeting Dori, a gooddoer, as he calls her, he realizes that there is more to life than an endless supplies of women and alcohol. For the first time in years, he falls in love. While Dori herself is hesitant at first, it becomes clear quickly that even she cannot resist the charm of Reid Alexander. Despite what she thinks about him, there

Fallen Angels in their full beauty

Fallen angels have always been a favorite topic of mine! So the Fallen series by Lauren Kate were only a natural read for me! And it didn't disappoint. The story goes as follows: Lucinda Price is your average teenage girl. That is, if you don't count the shadows that seem to be an ever contant in her life, the mysterious death of her almost boyfriend that resulted in her having to go through therapy and everyone calling her crazy. Okay, maybe not so average after all. But when Luce is forced to attend Sword&Cross, a school for problem kids, things start to be even more weird. Why? Because there's Daniel Grigori. Even though he's flipping her off the first time she sees him, there is something unexplicable that draws her to him. He's quiet, brooding, and yet always seems to be around Luce when she least expects him to be. Before long, it becomes clear that she's well on her way to fall in love with him. But can this love survive? What secrets does Da