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Living Out Loud - Staci Hart

Living Out Loud  by Staci Hart Sam's review: There are books you want to recommend to your friends. You know, those books you read and loved. And then there are books that swallow you whole, that leave you wanting and hurting, that make you feel as if they abandoned you because they ended. You cannot get over how incredible those books are. In fact, you cannot stop thinking about them even as you start a new book. Those are the books other stories pale to in comparison. Those are the books you want to force down someone's throat, make them sit next to you while reading just so you can be sure they read it. Living Out Loud is such a book. I started this ARC knowing Staci had the ability to crush and break me, but there was a part where I was ready to give up, to give in, because I could not handle Greg's pain. I mean, when does an author ever manage to make you love two characters so much, you rather stop reading than seeing them hurt? That'