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Rough Rider (Sugar County Boys #3) - Madison Faye

BLURB Country swagger, filthy mouth, and one big, huge…gun. The wildest outlaw in Sugar County is about to get his dirty hands all over one lucky lady. And this is one cowboy who knows how to hold on tight. No one ever said robbing a drug kingpin was gonna to be easy. But for a rough and tumble outlaw like me, it should be a cakewalk. That is, before I crash in locked and loaded to find the prettiest little firecracker this side of the Mississippi sticking a gun in my face. She’s the good girl gone bad – the gorgeous, tempting little socialite with a shotgun. Problem is, we’re after the same money. Problem is, one look at that fiery red hair and those sweet curves that won’t quit, and I’m hooked like a fish on a line. Problem is, we already slept together. Yeah. Shit . I know the rules, and I know a rough, filthy country boy like myself should stay away from a rich, sassy heiress like Chastity Huntington. But I’ve already had a taste of her sweet l

Brock (Four Sons #3) by Dani René

Blurb: I am strong, athletic, and son to a man I always wanted to be.  I had made plans, thought I was on that path, and then a bullet stopped not just my father’s heart, but mine too.  I’ve been living a life I’m not meant to.  I want more. I want to escape.  And I found someone who’s given me a love I never thought possible.  My name is Brock Pearson. I am a free spirit who found happiness in an unexpected place. People assume I’ll be another heir to our empire, but my heart belongs elsewhere. BBF’s Review: I have to admit that I was fully prepared for Camden to be my favorite Pearson, but then came Brock and holy hell… I love him. His anger at his father, but also the love for him… Dani René did amazing in portraying how torn he was. I won’t lie, I loved the relationship between him and Ethan even before the two went official. The playfulness—that luckily didn’t get lost even after they took the next step—was something that made my heart race for Broc

Dominate (Harris Brothers #5) by Amy Daws

Blurb: To dominate one’s heart is to truly be free. After the harrowing attack against Gareth and Sloan, there are more than just physical wounds that must be healed. Recovering and moving on from their dark pasts is the only way they can truly find their bright futures. Who will surrender? And who will dominate? Sam’s Review Man, Gareth and Sloan got my heart racing. Getting into the second book of the trilogy was so much easier than the first, and I enjoyed Dominate from beginning to end. Gareth’s past hasn’t been easy to say the least and as a reclusive he’s avoided anything emotional—however, with Sloan he changes SO  MUCH. Jesus, I want my own Gareth. I love the relationship blooming between those two and although this book was painful (we readers dig that, I cannot even lie) it hurt so good. I’m going to miss the Harris family, and especially Gareth’s oh-so-sexy possessiveness and protective instincts. Well done, Miss Daws, this duet was an eas

Hayden (Four Sons #2) - J.D. Hollyfield

Blurb: Hayden I am a hothead, a wild card, and son to a murdered man.   I crave the things I can’t have and don’t want the things I can.   Now, I’m left to pick up the pieces—stitch our family back together with a damaged thread.   This isn’t the life I envisioned. And to make matters worse, the women in our lives are testing the strength of our brotherhood.   My name is Hayden Pearson. I am the eldest—a protective, but vindictive son.   People may think I’m too young to fill our father’s shoes, but it won’t stop me from proving them all wrong. KC's review: I enjoyed this book a lor mote than I did the first. Hayden is crass and intense, but man, there's just something about him that makes me want to lean into him and kiss him until he realizes he's good enough. For him. For her. I also loved the glimpses we see of the family, and the way he wants to protect them. I cannot wait for the other books because DAMN, what's up with Brock, and what will happen