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Perfectly Flawed - Dani René

Blurb: I was fourteen when I met him, danced with him, and fell for him.  I was sixteen when Ryder left me with a forbidden promise.  Now I’m twenty, and he’s back, but he has a secret.  I walked out as the boy Piper had loved for far too long.  Now I’m back as a man who’s broken, angry, and flawed.  Yet, each time she looks at me, it’s as if I’m perfect. Can we have a second chance at love? Or will our next dance be our last? My Review: Dani René ventures into the world of NA books and I have to say I’m so glad she allowed me to be part of this. I got lucky and was allowed to read an ARC, and man, Ryder… Seriously, be still, my beating heart. He didn’t deserve what life threw at him, but he sure came out stronger in the end—even if he didn’t see it. Luckily, he had Piper to make it all better for him. Those two are adorable and perfect together. I absolutely loved the flashbacks in-between, showing us how things were back when everything still seemed po

The First Lights - Christy Pastore

Blurb: Hannah One minute we were a family of four—then, in the blink of an eye, half of my world was gone. Nearly two years after I received the phone call that changed my life forever, we’re living in a new town and facing new opportunities. All I want is to be a strong parent for my son and build a good life. I’m still fighting to figure out how to be okay. Falling for someone? Not in the cards for me. I had my happily ever after. Until  he  appears. One look from the ex-NFL player turned high school football coach brings my soul to life. But the man tests my patience with his arrogance. He knows how to manage his players and his students, but he needs a major ego adjustment. Every night when my eyes close, I tell myself there’s no way I’ll fall for Wyatt Hamilton, I can’t . . . he’s my son’s new coach. Wyatt She’s the last thing that I expected. But I’m drawn to her. When she stepped onto my field with her long sexy legs, arms covered in tiny geometric tatto

When We Kiss - Tia Louise

Blurb:  “Kiss me… You’re too law-abiding for me. What makes you say that? That uniform. Those handcuffs. Maybe I should put you in handcuffs. Maybe I’d like to see you try…” Tabby Green: Preacher’s niece. Website designer. Bad Girl. Chad Tucker: Retired military. Deputy sheriff. Hero. He’s a hot cop with a square jaw, a sexy grin, and a tight end. I’m a bad girl, a “Jezebel”—just ask all the old biddies in town. We’re oil and vinegar. We don’t mix. But when we kiss… She’s got flashing green eyes, red-velvet lips, and luscious curves in all the right places. She’s a bad girl all right, and after what I’ve lost, I’m not looking for trouble. But when we kiss… Oil and vinegar DO mix, And when they do, it’s electric. Sam’s review: I loved everything about this book right from the beginning. The first time Tabby and Chad meet… Man, I wish we could’ve been in his head, too, during that scene. Jesus… The story line, the charact